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Take your bad credit turn downs and turn them into sales in 30-45 days. No more waiting 6-18 months for a 3rd party credit repair company to "fix" the problem. Keep your clients in-house, earn their trust and have a customer for life when you learn how to help your clients with their bad credit.

4 Easy Step-By-Step VIDEOS! 

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Keep Your Clients

Stop handing your bad credit clients over to a 3rd party credit repair company. You are losing business! Keep your clients in-house, and get the sale in 30-45 days.

Build a Bigger Pipeline

How many turn downs from bad credit do you see in a week? Month? Year? That is a goldmine of business, and lifetime customers. Instead of turning them down, build your pipeline!

Create Lifetime Customers

Help your clients get back on track with their credit so they CAN buy a home, car, or refinance. You will have EARNED their trust, and that trust becomes two things: A lifetime client and a referral opportunity.

4 Online Courses

4 quick and easy to follow courses teach you everything you need to know when dealing with a bad credit client. Help guide them to rebuild their credit legally, and fast! These courses are available for you to watch at your own pace. You could be talking to your old turn downs and bringing them back into your pipeline in less than 24hrs. Or, watch a video a week. It's up to you!

Resources & Materials

I have provided everything I have learned in 11+ years in credit repair into downloadable materials: Step by Step guides for your clients to successfully dispute their own credit, template dispute letters that I have used with success for 11+ years, flow charts on how to dispute AND get settlement offers on collections, which include payment for deletion agreements. It's all inside. I give it all to you, which in turn you can confidently give to your bad credit clients.

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Get the advantage over your competition today. Stop turning down clients or turning them away. You could be working with bad credit clients in less than 24 hours, and turning them into sales in 30-45 days!


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